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What are the Rules of Domino QQ and How can You Learn to Play?

If you have spent any time checking out Poker-style games in online casinos, you have probably come across Domino QQ. One of the most popular Poker-style games in Indonesia, Domino QQ pops up a lot on Indonesia-based online casinos, and so prizes can be high.


What are the rules of Domino QQ, and how can you learn to play? After all, if there is good money to be made in the game, should you not be playing it too?


What are the game's rules? -- Domino QQ is played with 28 dominoes. Games start with each player having to put a certain amount into the pot if they decide to bet. Once that is taken care of then, based on their dominoes, everyone decides to call, raise or fold.


If only one player decides to bet during the first round of gameplay, then that person is automatically given the winning pot. If another person has also bet, the second round begins and bets are placed again.


Call, raise or fold is then decided upon by each player, and the winning pot is distributed if only one person has bet. If more than one person bets, the game moves onto the final round. This is the only round where everyone must show their hands, with the person with the best hand then winning the prize pot.


How can you learn to play Domino QQ? -- There are thousands of videos on YouTube, Daily Motion and other video platforms. These are wonderful places to begin learning how to play dominoqq.


If you are still confused, there are websites specializing in the game. Read everything you can on the subject and, if you really want to become an expert, sign up for one of their online courses.


This will give you all the information you need to win at the fun game. You can then get started playing it online.

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